Who we are as a company

We are first a foremost a community of professional guides, mountaineering instructors, mountain leaders and support staff who are passionate about the mountains, people and adventures.


We are life-long learners who know that there is always a new trick to learn and a skill to develop and as such we enjoy passing on what we have picked up over the years. The mountain environment is a great place to overcome challenges and grow as people, so with us you can bank on an adventure that will stretch and grow you but not push you over the edge.


We seek to provide our clients with high-quality, personalised guiding and instruction for the trekking, mountaineering and climbing trips and courses we run.


We know we can’t do this alone and that is why we employ local people and use local businesses to source our trips and courses. We are committed to paying our employees and partners a fair wage and price for their services and goods. We are also in this for the long haul so we look for ways to support and bring further training and development to our local staff and partners. As a company seeking to be socially responsible one of our longer-term aims is to give back to the local community and see them better off for our company’s presence.


The environment is also a priority for us, so we are always looking to reduce our impact as a company and will continue to seek to become a more environmentally-responsible mountaineering company. One of our first steps is to address our carbon footprint. If you are interested in joining us in this by offsetting your flights and would like details of a how to do your bit to mitigate climate change and human impact on the environment, send us an e-mail and we will happily send you the details.




All of the guides and instructors that make up The Mountain People community have the relevant qualifications for the trips and courses that we offer. For more information on the experience, training and assessments, and the qualifications of our guides and instructors please see the associations below:




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