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Mountain Mobile Phone Coverage Mgoun

As mentioned in my previous blog post I was out guiding on Mgoun last week. I wanted to give a quick update on mobile phone coverage in that area.


Mgoun is the most remote of the 4,000m peaks in the High Atlas and is a serious undertaking. Generally speaking you must be self-reliant in this corner of the world and the mobile coverage is very limited if not non-existant once off into the mountains. After speaking with the refuge guardian I was delighted to find that he had marked a spot of GSM coverage about 500m NW heading directly towards the peak of Aghouri (3,536m). The peak connects to the Tizi ‘ Tarkeddit (3,400m) the pass you typically come over to access the refuge.


Here is a photo taken on the left side of the Tarkeddit Refuge (2,900m) if you are looking up toward Aghouri peak. It is quite hard to see the spot but it is marked at the moment with a white bag covering a stone sitting on a boulder that has a very large boulder behind it. I have marked it in this photo with a red arrow.


GSM Coverage Tarkeddit Plateau

GSM Coverage Tarkeddit Plateau


I also took a GPS grid reference at the point:

N 31.53521



If you have any issues finding the coverage point get the guardian at the Tarkeddit refuge to show you the spot. It is worth checking that your service provider works on the Maroc Telecom network before heading out because that is the mobile service that covers the spot described above.


Also, if you are heading into this area, I would get rescue insurance that covers helicopter rescue services. There is a good private helicopter company called Heliconia based in Marrakech who can do a helicopter rescue from the Tarkeddit plateau where the refuge is situated. Contact them through their website for further details on helicopter rescue services at


The Eastern Atlas is a beautiful area that is well worth a visit but you need to go prepare if heading into more remote areas. If you are interested in the trips we run for Mgoun please see get in touch at


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