Following on from my last blog, I wanted to flag up a couple of potential ice  routes that come into condition in the later part of the winter season (April/May) in the High Atlas. You can see the snow bowl above one of the routes that feeds the formation with thaw/freeze cycles. See picture to the right.


Both of these potential routes are on the right side of the south cwm of Toubkal as you are approaching the south col (the normal and easiest route up Toubkal). I am not sure if these have already been climbed, but I am looking forward to getting my tools into them next season! I imagine that the routes would have been in better condition about a month ago.


Check out the link for more pictures on the two routes: Potential Ice Routes


A side note: my wife and I are enjoying being based in Imlil (the striking out point for Toubkal and the other 4000m peaks that are in the Toubkal National Park) for the summer. Check out this panoramic view I took from the roof of our little flat.




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