James about to push through the crux

James about to push through the crux of Le sang se lave dans les larmes 6b

Viviers is a small, local crag, but no where near as large and extensive as Les Dentelles de Monmirail. Sometimes small is good, though, and so James and I headed down push the grade a bit, chill out and generally enjoy a lovely afternoon.


I generally climb best after a good warm-up, so led up T’es vivant, camarade… 5c+ (You are alive, comrade…). Bizarrely, this route crosses two others, so route finding was a little difficult: I’m not used to wandering sport routes, and there were bolts everywhere as the various lines criss-crossed.


James then led up Le sang se lave dans les larmes 6b (Blood washes itself in tears). This was a good route. Nice opening moves up to a vegetated break, and then two crux moves close together: a pumpy pull up to a miniature cave feature and then a delicate side-step traverse on slopers and finger pockets. James cracked it seemingly without too much bother, but I got my first bout of sport climbing airtime working the crux sequence.


Although I had to abseil off eventually because of lack of time, it felt very fulfilling to have worked hard on the moves and taken some (small) lobs. As I have mentioned previously, sport routes can often be a little forgettable and anonymous, so having had a good fight with the line felt refreshing.

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