Latest Toubkal Winter Conditions Report

Winter has arrived in the High Atlas! The past couple of years winter has taken its time to come but this year after a few good dumps of snow and freeze/thaw conditions things are looking really good! I headed up to the refuge early this morning to check things out.



Toubkal – early this morning leaving Imlil 6-11-14

Recent Weather

Over the weekend we saw a good amount of snow fall and a bit more on Tuesday. There is more snow predicted this coming weekend and colder conditions 🙂


Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 3.20.26 PM


Snowpack and Snow Cover

The snow pack is very stable which is due to the freeze/thaw conditions. You can see in the picture below the snowpack history to date with the two major dumps of snow showing up clearly by the top crust (recent dump) and older crust in the middle of the snowpack.



Snowpit 200m up from refuge – two crust layers visible 6-11-14

The snow has come as far down as 2450m but has retreated quickly and proper cover starts around the height of the refuge (3,150m).



South Col route up Toubkal 6-11-14


Climbing Conditions

The classic mountaineering routes are in great conditions due to the snowpack being firm. As for ice and mixed lines we need more snow, so at the moment only bigger gully lines such as the one on Ras (4,083m) are in condition and of course the rock ridges which are easily accessible with the good firm snow under foot.



Ras, Akioud and other 4,000m peaks! 6-11-14

Please note that ice axe and crampons are needed with the current snow conditions. If you are looking for instruction and coaching in the use of these essential tools for winter please see our Morocco Winter Skills course and contact us for available dates!


Refuge Access

There is good access to the Toubkal refuges with the path being clear of snow (apart from the last 100m). Mules are able to pack in equipment and supplies just about all the way to the refuges, so no porters are currently needed.


Winter Conditions Summary

Toubkal and the High Atlas mountains are in great winter condition for general winter trekking and mountaineering with a good cover of neve snow. Mixed and ice routes are not yet in condition. There is more snow and colder conditions predicted for the weekend, which will add more to the great snow base!


For trekking, guiding, instruction and/or logistics for Toubkal and the High Atlas don’t hesitate to contact us!



Afekhoi cwm cascades still not in condition 🙁 6-11-14



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