Toubkal Winter Conditions from The Mountain People


The big question: ‘What are the latest Toubkal winter conditions?’


One of the consistent questions we receive is, ‘what are the latest Toubkal winter conditions?’ Happily we have an office in Imlil, which is the starting point for most Toubkal expeditions, whether walking or climbing, so we are well placed to answer this important question.


Reports directly from our office in Imlil


During the winter months, we now provide regular, up-to-date conditions reports for walking and climbing conditions. These include: snowfall, where the snowline is, icefall conditions, snowpack conditions and some indication of avalanche status. We also include photos and images with most updates so that you can see straight away what is going on.


Our resources for Toubkal winter conditions updates


  1. | Our blog where we post trip and conditions reports, which go into a fair amount of detail
  2. | Our Twitter account in which you can find live (or almost live) posts; handy for new snow or quick Toubkal shots. Watch out for the hashtag #toubkalwinter
  3. | A general, public thread on where a variety of people post on conditions this season (2013-14)


Happy walking and climbing!

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