Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.04.33 AMIn my last post I looked at some of the major factors that turn an adventure into an epic. One of those factors was lack of preparation – so to continue to help with your preparation here are some more video clips from the excellent DVD resource Self Rescue for Climbers.


A couple of important things to note about these skills:

  • You want to practise the skills a lot so that they become second nature to you i.e. you don’t have to think how to do a french prusik etc.
  • And with time these skills become tools in a tool box and as you gain experience and really hone them then you can give your energies to selecting the right tool(s) job instead of focusing on how a particular skill is executed.


For the first post: When an Adventure becomes an Epic



Prusiking up a rope 


 Abseiling past a knot


 Lowering a climber off a crag


If you are interested in more of these rescue skills I would encourage you to pick up the DVD!


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