Your contract is with The Mountain People Ltd, a company limited by shares, registered in England and Wales number 8221690. Your booking is secured on our receipt of your trip deposit as stated in the relevant trip or course details.


Confirmation of your booking will be e-mailed to you by return. Payment of the balance must be made by the appropriate due date. This date will be indicated on the confirmation e-mail we send to you. In the event that the balance is not received by the due date, we will try to contact you to see if there is any problem, but we do reserve the right to treat the booking as cancelled and re-sell the place as required.


Whilst it is entirely possible for you to directly reserve the mountain-based accommodation we use on our trips, we think it is easier all round if you give The Mountain People Ltd the following specific permission which is: ‘I/We give The Mountain People Ltd specific permission to reserve and pay for the particular mountain based accommodation for my/our trip which I know is an integral part of the activity. I understand that a detailed breakdown of the accommodation costs is available on request’.


We ask you to effect individual holiday insurance against travel delays, loss of baggage and money, mountain rescue and medical expenses, personal accident and any cancellation costs for all trips or courses held outside of the UK.


For our Moroccan trips, you should note that there are no official mountain rescue teams in Morocco and that any evacuation in the event of a serious medical emergency to the nearest hospital will most likely be overland as opposed to helicopter – except if you are in the Toubkal region where there is a possibility of a helicopter evacuation from the Toubkal refuges in the case of medical necessity. Clearance or approval from your insurers will be required before availing of this service.


We will require documentary evidence of your insurance prior to the trip or course start date.


The Mountain People Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred relating to directly or indirectly from loss of or damage to your personal possessions, injury or illness whilst on a trip or any costs incurred directly or indirectly arising from or in connection with any travel delays resulting from circumstances outside our control.


In the interests of safety, clients must abide by our guides’ decisions. Similarly, routes and advertised programmes may be altered if weather conditions or circumstances dictate.


Last updated 17/07/14