“What advantages do we hope to gain (from climbing mountains)? Naturally, there is the pleasure we get from the climbing process itself and from our victories, but as well as the delights of exercise in a mountain environment, there is also the process, coming every time as a surprise, of self-discovery, deepening a little further with every climb: who we are, how far we can go, what is our potential, where are the limits of our technique, our strength, our skill our mountaineering sense; discoveries whose acceptance means that, if necessary, we may turn back and return another time, several times if need be -’Tomorrow is a new day.’”


Gaston Rebuffat from The Mont Blanc Massif: The Hundred Finest Routes


This is why we are passionate about the mountains, adventure and people! Self-discovery, enjoying the beauty of the mountains, seeing people learn needed skills and reach their potential for climbing based adventures is what lies at the heart of our company.


We offer rock and ice climbing trips and courses in Wales, Scotland, France, Morocco and Norway. We have a great diversity of climbing adventures that can be tailored to your specific aims and objectives, so don’t hesitate to get in touch to start planning your adventure now!