CRUX definition: the decisive or most important point at issue –  a vital, basic, decisive, or pivotal point!

The Crux Series is the culmination of everything that is important to The Mountain People. Our history, our passion, our community. The weightier values we as a collective hold like:

  • meaning (awakening to the deeper purposes of life)
  • direction (choosing the wise path)
  • growth (taking time for learning about ourselves, community and the natural world and nurturing our personal and collective potential to do good in the world)
  • belonging (being part of a community and being intentional about connecting deeply and supporting one another) 
  • service (giving back to the communities and the environments we work in) 


If these words resonate with you then get in touch for further information!


CRUX Series Gatherings and Services

Mountain Coach Services




South Wales Camp and Climb




Scottish Winter Trip




Mountain Retreat