Whilst we do on occasion organise skills training weeks in the French Alps, by and large when we say ‘Rest of the World’, what we really mean is the mountain regions of North Africa, Middle East and Central Asia.


There are some stunning, unfrequented and even unclimbed peaks in these regions, and over the next number of years, it will be our aim to explore some of these areas by organising firstly reccé, and then commercial (i.e., fee-paying), trips.


Right now we are looking at summer or autumn 2013, and we will post outline trip details in due course. If you would like us to e-mail you with more information when we have it, just drop us a line.


Incidentally, the photo to the right is one we took this year of a fantastic valley in northern Tajikistan with some great looking high peaks, and is an area we’d love to explore further sometime – maybe with you!