This course has now finished – we will be updating this page in due course for winter 2014


It only takes one trip to get hooked on Scottish winter mountaineering, but many years to become proficient. If you have been on a winter skills course in the past, or already have some experience, and want to add to your skills while enjoying more of an adventure, our course could be just the ticket.


During the week, we want to take you on an adventure and at the same time provide instruction in some advanced techniques so that you can get the most out of the bigger days that you no doubt have planned. Areas of instruction include map reading, ropework and emergency techniques. These will enable you to operate in almost all conditions and, depending on your aspirations, even pave the way for bigger expeditions in foreign mountain ranges, such as the High Atlas.


As on our skills course, we will be based out of a comfortable Scottish lodge with tasty home cooking. To us, there is nothing like coming home after a big day, tucking into tea and cake, laughing about the day past and then replenishing the reserves with a hot evening meal.




Please note, the information in the brochure is from last year, but feel free to have a browse.