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Scotland winter mountaineering trip 2017: Day 2, Ben Nevis

Scotland winter mountaineering trip 2017: Day 2, Ben Nevis - The Mountain People
Enjoying No. 3 Gully on Ben Nevis!

Scotland winter mountaineering trip 2017: Day 2, Ben Nevis

This is part of our annual Scotland winter mountaineering trip, and you can find the previous days here:
Day 1, Aonach Mor
Today it was mountaineering by numbers on Ben Nevis, making use of the big Grade I gullies.
The winter skills team built on their Aonach Mor session by ascending No. 3 Gully and descending No. 4 Gully.
The big Grade I gullies are No. 3, No. 4 and No. 5. No. 1 gully was renamed Tower Gully and No. 2 Gully is Grade II.
There were a smattering of climbers coming down the gullies who had made the most of the cooler overnight temperatures to climb routes like No. 3 Gully Buttress and similar with an early start.
The day started fairly clear and cool after colder temperatures overnight, which had firmed up the higher snow patches and put down some cosmetic dusting.
All the three teams made the long walk into Coire na Ciste via the CIC Hut in the heart of the North face of Ben Nevis. The independent climbers headed onto the Aonach Eagach.
Coire na Ciste was a good choice for the teams who wanted to consolidate winter skills, and the summits and ridges team went round the corner to Tower Gully above Observatory Gully.
James went over some skills with Andrew and Caleb before escaping the worst of the wet afternoon weather.
By home time, the rain had properly set in, so everyone got a good old fashioned soaking, but spirits were high thanks to a productive time on the hill.
The forecast for the next few days is much colder, but stormy, which has its challenges, but will be a welcome change from the wetness and moisture.
Friday looks to be the best day of this week, with temperatures staying low, as well as the wind; the challenge will be to find the snow and ice that has survived!

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