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Bouldering Wall Part 2 – “Life-long learning” – another company value

Bouldering Wall - Imlil, High Atlas

Bouldering Wall – Imlil, High Atlas


As mentioned in the first post (Bouldering Wall Part 1), building community is a company value for The Mountain People and I wanted to expand on and share another value we hold as a company and community. We are committed to being “life-long learners” at TMP, and are always looking to grow our skills, better ourselves as climbers and people and a bouldering wall is a good example of a practical expression of such a value.


I personally love all disciplines of climbing from Scottish mixed and ice epics to bouldering to sport climbing to hard trad and if you stop and think, these disciplines all feed off each other.  They are all interconnected and the lessons you learn from one help you to reach more of your potential in another. For myself, bouldering has been one of the areas that I have neglected over the years and I am now on a quest to learn, develop, enjoy and grow in the discipline.   It has been noted by some of the top climbers in the world that bouldering is a key component to unlocking your full potential in other climbing disciplines. It provides one of the keys for the crux of a route – when you are at your limit and need every ounce of power you can summon. If you had a look into most of the homes of serious climbers such as Dave Macleod or Tommy Caldwell, you would find a training wall of some sort.


Again it may seem a bit odd to be talking about company values, climbing disciplines, and a bouldering walls all in the same post, but our actions flow from our values: those things we hold dear and sow our time and energy into.  For us it is important and a key value to keep growing and developing, and so we see a modest training wall in our compact office in a mountain village in Africa as small expression of two of our core values: community and a commitment to being life-long learners.   In my last post I will give the basics of building a wall and point you in the direction of some good free online resources!

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Bouldering Wall Part 1 – “Community” – a company value



Well… at the end of December I had some help finishing off the office bouldering wall from the Climb Morocco guys.  A bouldering wall might seem like a funny thing to have as a priority for an office space, but think with me for a minute… don’t a lot of us like to make the space we spend a lot of time in a bit more comfortable? A space that reflects a bit of our personality? You know what I’m talking about! It may be something very simple like a picture of our family, a calendar that you took great time over choosing… and the list goes on.  For me, it’s a bouldering wall.


There is, of course, another obvious reason for the wall… TRAINING! A bouldering wall provides so much in the way of power, endurance, technique and strength training.


And lastly, the other main aim of the wall is to create a bit of a hub for climbers, mountaineers, and boulderers alike. We at The Mountain People Morocco are hoping in the long run to have an office space that draws in both curious locals and visiting climbers – a space for community and connecting for people who, like us, love mountains and the adventures we have in them. We want to create a place where climbers can feel free to drop in for a cup of tea or coffee and a quick bouldering session, and get some local beta on routes, conditions, etc.  Please, if you are in the Imlil (the striking point for Toubkal), feel free to contact us! Send us an email if you want to come by, just to be sure we’re around.


And, if like us you value community, adventure and learning new skills, or if you have been on a trip or course with us and are looking to reconnect, then check out the upcoming Scotland Winter Trip at www.the-mountain-people.com/community/


To come…


Bouldering Wall Part 2 – “Life-long learning” – another company Value


Bouldering Wall Part 3 – “Basics of building your own wall”



Come and join us!

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