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Bouldering – Imlil



Check out this bad boy!

As a family we generally like to take a rest day once a week (turn off computers and let go of work/admin and spend some quality time together)… My wife and I  look to get out in the beautiful area of Imlil in the High Atlas Mountains where we live. We feel quite privileged and thankful not to have to drive or travel a significant distance to get to a beautiful spot. We often go for walks… and this time I wanted to show Miriam an area I discovered a week ago. I had other motives too (that I was upfront about!) – to explore a boulder that looked to have some potential.


So, Sunday afternoon we headed out and about 30 minutes later I was cleaning holds, getting rid of bad rock and trying to link a couple of sections together to get a decent traverse problem for training… still a way to go to crack this one though! We enjoyed the afternoon out despite it being on the cold side… it is now properly winter here :-). There was a small dusting of snow on the higher mountains and hopefully we will get some more soon!


I can’t wait to get my bouldering pad out from the UK. I will be back there soon for a long weekend to finish off bringing out more equipment and I have booked an extra bag for the pad :-). Be on the look out for further bouldering developments in Imlil area!



View is from the South... you can see the start of the track (path in the river bed) to the Toubkal refuge.

Potential bouldering above the village of Aremd! View is from the South… you can see the start of the track (path in the river bed) to the Toubkal refuge.

Having a go at linking the potential traverse problem!

Having a go at linking the potential traverse problem!






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Oukaimeden Bouldering

A couple of weeks back I went out bouldering with some friends of mine who are based in Marrakech and own and run a rock climbing guiding company called Climb Morocco. Check out their website www.climbmorocco.com for more info. These guys speak the local dialect of Arabic and their trips are well organised, so you get as much climbing in as possible and don’t have all the hassle of sorting out logistics in a foreign country. If you are interested in booking a trip with Climb Morocco I would recommend you get your enquiry in early to have the best shot at getting the dates you want.


Bouldering (48)We headed up to place called Oukaimeden, home to a winter ski resort (2630m) about an hour and a half away from Marrakech. We first went to a single pitch sport climbing venue – great for beginners/intermediate climbers – so the guys could fill me in on how they do things when guiding in the area as I may do some freelance work for them this summer.  After the run down we headed back down the main road as if going back to Marrakech, a road lined with hundreds of boulders. Jay from Climb Morocco has started to develop the bouldering in the area, so we let him take us to his desired spot for the day. All I can say is there is so much scope for bouldering in the Oukaimeden area. We all had a go on Jay’s project but to no avail, so we moved on to some other problems. We managed between us to send some V0 up to about V3 with Jay sending a V4/5 problem.


Check out a few more pictures here: Oukaimeden Bouldering album!


Be on the look out for further developments on the www.climbmorocco.com blog!

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