Morocco is a country of vast climbing and mountaineering interest, and yet much of the activity focusses on the Toubkal area of the High Atlas. Partly, this is understandable, as it contains an ‘highest’ – Toubkal 4,167m, the highest peak in North Africa – but what marks us out from the many other operators active in this region?



We come across a lot of operators who lead cultural holidays in Morocco, and what a great country in which to do so, but problems arise when cultural holidays drift into the realms of mountaineering and mountain adventure. The High Atlas can be bitterly cold in winter and proper equipment and training are essential – it is no place for negligence or bad practice, especially as there is no organised mountain rescue. As such, when we are out on the mountain, health, safety and best practice always come first. We don’t fudge things, and we don’t make things to appear what they are not. We’re there to enjoy the mountains with you and get you up and down safely, rather than wing it.



We offer you a staff line-up that is seldom matched elsewhere in its unique make-up. We appoint Western (generally British, Irish or American), English-speaking guides to lead our trips and courses who are suitably qualified with recognised outdoor pursuits awards (Winter Mountain Leader, International Mountain Leader or Mountaineering Instructor Award). In addition, we reinforce our guiding team with a group of local Moroccan fixers – cooks, muleteers, porters and helpers – who organise the on-ground logistics. In this way, you get the best of both worlds: professional guides who will teach and look after you on the mountain and a domestic crew who make sure you are well-fed and -watered. By working with locals, whom our Morocco office staff in Imlil know personally, we are not only investing in people but also in the local economy.



Did you know that we have an office in Imlil, in the heart of the High Atlas mountains? One of our guides and his family live there full time and they speak the local dialect of Arabic. Along with our local Berber support staff, they make up the core team for the Morocco branch. Our other guides have all spent significant time or have lived in Morocco and so feel at home in the High Atlas mountains. With Imlil as the starting point for most of our trips and courses in Morocco and with our staff on the ground, we believe we are ideally placed to know the current weather patterns and conditions and so you can depend on us for the most up-to-date information on the snow level, icefall formations, etc. If you are passing through Imlil please feel free to drop by the office for a cup of tea!



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